Pep Segura, founder and CEO of Soloraids®, has combined his love of motoring with work and travel throughout his life.
But it wasn’t until 2006 that he decided to professionalize his passion.

After a trip to Africa, he decided to turn his life around and left the other band projects to pursue the creation of Soloraids, a wholesale travel agency specializing in ATV tours.

During all these years he has periodically traveled to Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Jordan.
The trips to these countries are those that have made him acquire a great experience on the ground, being able to approach and get closer to others in any country.

Pep has always sought to create a space where people can feel among friends, with the freedom to decide the pace of the journey.
For this reason, it offers in its products an active tourism through landscapes and cultures, where clients, in addition to enjoying the country, can practice other activities.

In addition to his experience in North Africa as a result of his travels, his role as a racing driver should also be highlighted.

He has participated in rallies of the Spanish championship, in the Dakar to South-America and other races in Africa.

All this allows you to be up to date with any news and circumstance in any country in the world, determining when it is optimal to travel to each destination.

At present, his projects are beginning to expand – towards South-America, where he wants to acquire the same experience as in North Africa. That is why he is traveling to Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia.