Morocco adventure travel

Soloraids® is a travel agency created in 2006 with the intention of specializing in 4 × 4 trips. Our idea is that both more experienced drivers and those who have never driven off the road can enjoy the same driving sensation a 4 × 4 through tracks and dunes.

From the beginning we have dedicated ourselves to organizing trips for groups and families, adapting our products according to the clients so that they can enjoy a unique and close experience among friends. In the end, the difference with the rest is our way of traveling, a way far from the classic formulas, where we offer a very close treatment of the hand of Pep Segura, the main figure of the agency.

It also makes us unique the SUV fleet that we have and that customers can drive during the crossings. This formula gives a sense of adventure and freedom that they do not have with other organized trips, since it is the client who decides where to stop.

With us it is the customer who decides. In addition, as a wholesale agency we can manage all types of plane, ship and other tickets.

Soloraids® has become an active tourism company, where the client in addition to enjoying the surroundings, cities and hotels also has the opportunity to approach cultures and practice other activities.



In 2006 we made the first of a long list of trips to North Africa, for 10 days we were in contact with the native people of Morocco, knowing their culture and the most unusual places in the country.
From here until today Soloraids® have been 15 days a month in Morocco with different groups of people.

Later we expanded our projects in Libya where since 2008 we have made 10 crossings. After Libya, Jordan, the city of Petra, the Jordanian desert, rivers and mountains arrived in 2010.

Currently, Soloraids® projects have also expanded across the Atlantic, traveling to Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina.